The Oane Brothers: The Story Behind


Both founders have graduated the prestigious
University Nottingham Trent University (UK)


There is a good reason why they choose to work in branding. Just as most people in this business, they are passionate about design, but above that, the 2 brothers are focused on creating visual identities that are able to stand out and be out-standing. Being twins helped Horia and Costin to understand from an early age the importance of visual identity.

The 2 brothers believe that their similarity is what thought them how to make a difference, both in life and business. The twins, Costin and Horia Oane, can say that “branding” is the one course they have been attending for most of their lifes.

After 4 beautiful years of BroHouse, in 2013, Costin and Horia Oane, have not only graduated with distinction the MA “Branding and Identity Design” at Nottingham Trend University (UK), they have also gain a high level of international experience, advisors and friends that are experts or specialist in similar or related fields like: illustration, photography, web, technology etc.

The prestigious university was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, “the highest national honor for a UK University” based on numerous research projects.

Meet the Team

Similarity is what taught us how to make difference

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Skype: oane.costin

Costin Oane


In my work, I aim to connect branding to people. In other words I’m always focused on how much the visual identity we’re building is “speaking” about the company it’s representing and the people behind it; at the same time, it’s important to me to relate the brand to its target audience and to help start a “conversation”. Therefore, “the brand”, just as people, should always have excellent communication skills.

Driving efficient performance in the long run, in 2011 I have graduated master ‘Branding and Identity Design’ from one of the top universities in UK, Trent University.
I don’t keep a secret, and i can tell you that my professional goal is to always create projects that ease the transition from “visitor” to “customer” and from “follower” to “believer”.

“The brand, just as people, should always have excellent communication skills”

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Skype: horia_oane

Horia Oane


I believe branding is a promise to keep. This is why the first question I ask our clients is not “who you are?” but rather “who would you like to be?”. History tells us that in business, one first needs to find the perfect product and later on think about the “package”. On the contrary! It’s my business statement that a product should be brought to life along with its visual identity and in their business strategy, companies should follow and build their brand as a permanent target.

Therefore, to contribute more to my professional mission, in 2011 I have graduated master ‘Branding and Identity Design’ from the prestigious Trent University, based in the heart of Nottingham, UK.
Dozen of my projects were apreciated and mentionated, even abroad. There’s only one thing better then doing a great job: being recognised for it.

“The first question i ask our clients is not ”who you are?“ but rather ”who would you like to be?”

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Skype: alexandru.predonu

Alexandru Predonu


Not just the beating heart of BroHouse, Alexandru is also the brain of the crew. He has five year experience in both architecture and printed products and he is currently a Creative Director at Puncto Co. Master Designer in AfterEffects, Cinema4D, Rhino, Blender, 3D StudioMax, Photoshop.

His main role is to design 3D rendering, architecture, virtual tours,  animations just to achieve our clients goals. You can see what he is doing on his website company or on Facebook or Behance

What he wears on his sleeve is trumped only by skills that include strategy, user experience design and project management. He builds these things because he loves to build.

“I am in love with simplicity and obsessed by every detail.”

Tel: +40 / 754 666 333


Skype: catalin_iordache

Cătalin Iordache


Catalin  is the product person with an advanced knowledge of print manufacturing.

He is a combination of designer, engineer and strategist, all experienced and multi-talented person, used to working closely with the client team, capable of dealing with uncertainty and equipped to reach solutions faster. He has 5+ years working with print management, large format digital, conventional offset and point of purchase displays/retail signage and he is currently a Creative Director at Vizal Co.

Since 2015, he has joined BroHouse team. We learn from him, he learn from us. The end game is to use the experience of making best print materials together to create new capabilities, build brands and strengthen your market position.

“I love to play with the timeline to view my skill’s evolution.”

Tel: +90 (505) 366 12 82


Skype: minebarisik2

Mine Barışık


Associate Professor Mine Barışık was born in Turkey and moved to Bucharest, Romania at the age of 33. Mine is our first “sister” in the brother’s crew. In 2015 she gathered around the same goal.

She stated earlier in Istanbul and for more than 9 years was an art teacher with dozen of exhibitions. In BroHouse she wants always to come with alternatives. She loves to solve problems, to seek improvements, to cut waste.

Her interest in art, her talent, and her profession is available to provide the best way that she learned in BroHouse. Art provides diversity to human beings and make them different. As a result, art is a form of life for her.

“Art provides diversity to human beings and make them different”

Tel: (+40)760 589 718


Skype: matei.sorin92

Matei Sorin


BroHouse is proud to have Matei in the team– since 2015.

He is making code magic in the browser to achieve the client’s design and interaction goals.

During this time, we started to discover RWD and the user-centered design methodology for real. We began to gain an understanding of how UI & UX design is crucial for delivering the successful solutions of the future.

His main role is to design wireframes, userflows, mock-ups and interfaces for both desktop and mobile devices. You can find some of his work on his website.

“We know that only results matter, that’s why we need to know without a doubt that the final touch is the right one”